Borderline adheres to a contemporary approach of investigating existing places whose vocation is not habitually art oriented.

Borderline operates somewhat like an estate agency, actions and transactions in the course of which spaces will be put at disposal of artists and participants.

Trough our investigation we are approaching sites of remembrance, memorial places, commemorative monuments, dismissed stories - places with a certain singularity, historical depth, architectural interest.

Through our intervention, we put them in a contemporary context and dialogue, to re-activate  a vision, in order to create a new understanding, to improve our perception of space and history.

Introducing layers Borderline attempts to restrain a constant flow, raising questions about times of resistance and resistance of time.

Borderline aspires to be an open work from which a possible meeting between individual and place may emerge.

Borderline is an independent curatorial project.

Co-founded in 2006 by Claudia Passeri and Michèle Walerich.
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